PTFE / PFA components and devices for chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical plant engineering

Everything around enamelled reactors / tanks and pipe systems

  • PTFE-coated Seals/gaskets without or with ground tab
  • Bellows/compensators : standard/customized design  (e.g. integrated guide tube)
  • Valve seats
  • Repair systems for vessels / reactors (aprons, sleeves)
  • Highest quality and long service life - also for wearing parts

PTFE sleeves / aprons

Spray system for enamelled reactor DN3000

Gasket PTFE / Steel / carbon

PTFE inlet tubes / PTFE inlet systems

PTFE inlet tubes

Inlet tube combination, antistatic PTFE

PTFE drop distributor DN1500


PTFE column internals

PTFE supporting grid

PTFE drop distributor

PTFE support plate DN1100

Product overview: PTFE column internals