PTFE bearing constructions with PTFE / Steel

Bridge bearings approved by construction
supervising with PTFE panels, supervised
by IBG Monforts

PTFE slide panels for bridge bearings

Launching a container vessel,
42.000 to, 202 m length,
on PTFE sliding elements

PTFE slide panels for shifting elements

  • Shifting bearings
  • Cyclic shifting bearings
  • Marine engineering
  • Launching

The largest glass dome of Central Europe
(56 m diameter) in the Thermalbad Erding
is moved on pointed rocker bearings
adjustable in height.

PTFE slide bearing for steel constructions

  • General steel constructions
  • Construction of steel halls
  • Construction of steel chimneys
  • Conveyors and metering equipment
  • Ash removal systems

Flue gas ducts in the Jänschwalde power plant,
supported on cap-shaped PTFE bearings

PTFE slide bearings for systems and power plant engineering

  • Air and gas pre-heaters
  • Flue gas desulphurizing plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Electric filters
  • Pure and flue gas ducts
  • Remote heat piping systems
  • Cooling water pipelines
  • Hot-steam pipelines

Details about PTFE slide bearings: IBG Monforts Gleitlagertechnik