PTFE bellows and compensators / PTFE expansion joints

PTFE bellows are available in different material specifications:

  • Bellow PTFE pure white (virginal PTFE)

  • Bellow PTFE modified (e.g. TFM® TMOH)

  • Bellow electrically conductive PTFE / antistatic

  • Bellow FDA conform / conform FDA regulations

  • GMP compatible design

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PTFE bellow for loading equipment,
DN 400, max. length 2,500 mm,
electrically conductive material



PTFE bellows with integrated guide tube,
as a solids outlet in industrial centrifuges,
electrically conductive design.ung

PTFE serve both for sealing the conveyed media and for acceptance of the valve spindle motion. Such non-stuffing box types with PTFE bellows are used as isolating, metering, servo and conveyance valves. Pumps, agitators, centrifuges, filling and weighing units can be installed in equipment and piping systems of steel, enamelled steel, glass and plastic, free from vibrations and shocks due to PTFE bellows. This flexible adapter at the same time ensures the compensation of axial, lateral and angular movements. PTFE bellows are produced by machining of a particularly high-quality semi-finished material - owing to the high requirements in chemical, mechanical and thermal applications.


Design according to customer specification (works test certificate/ works certificate). These material combinations are also approved by BGA/FDA (except medical applications). For positive power transmission between valve spindle and PTFE bellows, it is possible to sinter threaded metal sleeves directly into PTFE.


  • thermal resistance
  • high diffusion resistance
  • good elasticity
  • high cyclic bending resistance
  • excellent insulating properties
  • electric conductivity for Ex-areas
  • anti-adhesive & maintenance-free
  • easy to clean CIP

Applications of PTFE bellows

  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Food industry
  • and many others


  • Up to DN 1200 / stroke up to 2,000 mm and more possible.
  • Various bellow geometries (acute, rectangular, circular, semicircular) available.
  • Various types of connections (sleeve, double flange, tri-clamp, and many others)