PTFE sliding plates / PTFE bogie - bearing pads / PTFE sheets and rounds

for steel construction, bridge constructions, relocations, bearings and railway industry

Detailed information about our product line PTFE slide bearings (friction bearings
PTFE / steel) for steel structure, pipe engineering and power plant engineering:
IBG Monforts Gleitlagertechnik GmbH & Co. KG


Slide friction diagramm PTFE / stainless steel



PTFE sliding plates

PTFE sliding plates in bearing quality, PTFE compound sliding plates,

with or without dimples, various sizes and dimensions


PTFE slide panels by IBG Monforts are subject to a permanent and prescribed surveillance. The coefficients of sliding
friction are proven by means of inspection certificates according to DIN EN 102043.1b and sliding friction diagrams.
The surveillance procedure and the approval by construction supervising authorities are based on DIN 4141, now
EN 1337, as a European standard.


PTFE sliding elements and acessories for railway industry

- PTFE slide bearing systems (caps and slide panels) for air cushions in bogies

- PTFE bogie bearing pads

- PTFE friction coatings for joint torque reduction

- PTFE sliding inserts for bogies

- PTFE slide coatings, e.g. for torsion bar springs

More information about railway technology:IBG Monforts Gleitlagertechnik