PTFE – technical data

PTFE = polytetrafluorethylene

trade marks e.g. Teflon®, Hostaflon®

chemical resistance

PTFE is resistant against almost all chemicals, even with very high temperatures. It can only be corroded from elemental fluorine, chlorine trifluoride and melted alkali metals under certain circumstances.

temperature persistency

PTFE-parts can be applied within a temperature from approx.

-200° C to +260° C.

electrically isolating

PTFE has excellent electrical features that are independent of frequency and temperature.

coefficient of friction

PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of all solids.

anti adhesion effect

PTFE is anti-adhesive, that means no other materials stick to PTFE.

physiologically unobjectionable

PTFE is unobjectionable up to +260° C (not with all fillers) BGA/FDA certified


PFA – technical data

PFA = perfluoralkoxy

On the contrary to PTFE, PFA can be treated as a thermoplastic. The technical features are mostly the same.


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